2017 MVP Academy - applications now open

The MVP Academy acceleration program, developed by TechHub Bucharest, recently announced that applications are open for the 4th edition of the accelerator dedicated to tech businesses. Startup founders that want to benefit from mentorship with tech experts, connections with the global industry and investment opportunities can submit their applications online by February 9, 2017.

2017 MVP Academy

Below we have the key important dates of 2017 MVP Academy.

  • Timing — 9 weeks (6th of March - 8th of May, 2017)
  • Location — TechHub Bucharest – the largest co-working space dedicated to tech professionals in Romania. 
  • Program — Free-of-charge; selected teams will take part in tens of hours of 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with national and international experts in order to refine their development strategy, product functionalities and go-to-market strategy;
  • What it takes for applicants to get in the program — startups need to be working on a tech-related product, have a functional prototype, target a global market and show commitment in building their business; last but not least important, founders and teams must have a solid professional track;
  • MVP Academy mentors' tour — there's a series of events planned in several cities, including Iași, Timișoara, Cluj, Bucharest and Sibiu. Details about the events will be published on the program’s website; 
  • How to apply for 2017 MVP Academy — you can apply until Sunday, February 19, by filling in the registration form available online.  

More details about the 4th edition are available here. It also includes 2016 MVP Academy Follow-up Report. 

MVP Academy track record to date

  • 4 editions, 18 products launched on the global market, 45 business accelerated
  • Investments raised — just MVP Academy 2016 alumni alone raised EUR 760K until now; if we consider all three previous editions, we are talking about EUR 1.7 million; most recent investments went to Reflex, Silometer, Scooterson and TypingDNA;  8 of the products developed by the 2016 alumni are available on the market, with the rest still under development in various stages
  • Overall program results — report available here; 

MVP Academy Alumni ... 

I've seen, talked and mentored some of these startups, yet I must admit AxoSuits, is my favourite so far and that's why I've already written about their amazing and affordable medical exoskeleton.

SafeDrive startup also caught my attention. SafeDrive is an app that rewards drivers for not using the phone while driving. The app is using a complex and proprietary algorithm that starts to give points once the smartphone of the user surpasses a speed over 6 mph or 10 km/h. In just few months since launch SafeDrive users responsible drove 8 million km. 

Still, there are few other startups that worth mentioning:

  • Accelerole — Accelerole is a pay-as-you-go management software that helps freelancers and agencies master the bill-by-the-hour structure & better manage their internal processes.
  • Clepisoft — Clepsisoft CyberFog is a proactive cybersecurity solution which can deflect cyberattacks targeting your company.
  • Reflex — Movement recognition sensors that change the way patients recover after injuries, enabling more revenues for physiotherapists and helping insurance companies save money. Reflex received an investment and will start clinical trials of the product in February 2017;
  • Scooterson — The electric kick-scooter that uses a unique combination of cloud & smartphone technology and big data analysis. Scooterson got accepted in HAX Boost acceleration program (San Francisco) and has pre-orders of over EUR 380,000.
  • SiloMeter — Web automation system that helps silos owners monitor their crops in real time from the comfort of any web browser. Silometer registered a revenue of over EUR 106,000 in 2016 and is currently under review to be accepted in the Pearse Lyons Accelerator (Dublin).
  • TypingDNA — Typing biometrics cloud API & tools for intelligent apps that allows the user to login based on his typing patterns. TypingDNA received an investment from GECAD Ventures and several other local angel investors. A first version of their product, in the form of an API, is available.

If you plan to apply, best of luck! It's a amazing experience and totally worth it!

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