Urban Unit
Urban Unit

Urban Unit Live @ Tête-à-Tête Club Lounge

Last night was all about Kusak/Pop’s Urban Unit band playing at Tête-à-Tête Club Lounge in Bucharest. The night’s mood changed when the first sounds of drums and keyboard made themselves hears in Herastrau park. The spontaneous sound conversations developed in a way that can only be felt when hearing Pop and Kusak playing live. From where I was standing, I could see hands and feet playing the drum beat and many bodies trying to dance along with Kusak and Pop’s music.

Our hands are the extensions of our thoughts and feelings.” Kusak/Pop Urban Unit

I know a picture is worth a thousand words and I’m sorry mine’s are not quite of the best quality, so I thought I would leave it all to the sound. It always does a better job as it goes unfiltered and straight to one’s heart.

Later last night I spent few minutes talking with Liviu Pop about what just had happend. He was all sweating, a bit tired, yet smiling and happy. You could see the kind of joy that nobody can fake. It was all real and authentic. The humility, the passion, the kind words, the gestures, the way he looked at people, the smiles—everything reminded me of passion breathing through his hands when beating the drums like in trance.

“We must be the happiest people of all as we have the chance to feel so, so different, in so many ways, when we play in the same place. You guys are wonderful!” Kusak/Pop

Those were the words I’ve heard from Kusak last night at the end of the concert. Just as Pop told me, all music is great when the authenticity of the passion for music meets the right audience in the right place. Last night all these met in Herastrau Park … just as many times before. To Pop and Kusak this kind of encounter is the most important of all and it’s not by chance they decided to play once again at Tete-a-Tete Herastrau.

P.S. Pop/Kusak will play again next week at Clubul Taranului. It will be a different sound, yet same amazing guys, so stay tuned to find out all the details

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