I’ve attended my first All Love class meditation with Patrick Scott Zeigler more than three years ago… at the right moment for me, some would say, although I knew about him and his Seichim/ Sekhem teachings for many years. Useless to say that it was the first of many  amazing experiences and I wanted to share it with my closest friends, yet when I tried to tell them about it, finding the right words to describe it was almost impossible. Later I found out I was not the only one having troubles explaining what you can experience when attending an All Love class.

Few words about Patrick Zeigler & Sekhem / Siechim…

Patrick Zeigler
Patrick Zeigler, founder of All Love / Sekhem / Seichim system

Patrick Zeigler, the father of non-traditional Reiki and founder of Seichim/ Sechem/ Sekhem (SKM), has been working with holistic therapies for over 30 years experience and lives his live traveling the world and teaching All Love.

Zeigler took the first steps of his self-discovery path around the age of 10 when he read the first on extrasensory experiences. Readings and personal experiences with hypnosis, meditations, various techniques and therapies, personal work with different masters followed … little did he know then that all these experiences will prepare him for something much greater: the night in the Great Pyramid of Egypt he had a consciousness raising experience or initiation. The path took him took him to a wise Egyptian Sufi named Sheikh Mawlana Mohamed Osman Abdu al Burhani. He taught Patrick specific ways to deepen the experience. It was a combination of these two experiences that connected Patrick to an energy called Seichim, also spelt Sekhem. Later on Patrick developed what at some point was known as Sechim/ Sekhem system.

That being said, you can imagine how happy I am to share with you some key insights about what experiencing the All Love energy can mean to you as I got to understand it from Patrick Scott Zeigler himself. I do hope that what you’ll read next will give you a better understanding of how this rather spiritual therapy can help you heal the blockages you might experience in your life.

Healing yourself with All Love energy

All Love / SKHM energy
All Love / SKHM / Seichim energy

All Love works with what some of you may already know as Sekhem/ Seichim. This energy is not the same with Reiki energy. The way All Love energy works and it is felt is very different. This difference is noted by all Reiki practitioners who participate in an All Love workshop. The vibration felt in the beginning by most of the participants in the beginning is generally “fine”, but it can become very strong; simply, you may simply have to sit down, that’s how strong it may come. Some even prefer to lay down and let the body do whatever it feels like. Patrick uses the terms “shakers” for those who feel this energy so, so strong.

At the same time, yet not mandatory, some participants may experience strong emotions and see all sorts of images; their role is to assist in the healing process of the blockages, whether you are or not aware of their existence. Unlike other techniques, All Love/ Sekhem works in particular on the Heart Chakra (Anahata) and the connection with the Higher Self and then let’s the energy flow throughout the body, activating and opening other energetic centers.

Attending an All Love/ Sekhem class does not require you to have prior experience of working with other energy techniques or types of therapies. Unlike Reiki, symbols are not necessary to be able to connect and open your heart. The energy has its own kind of miraculous intelligence and knows exactly what it needs to do. If I were to use a metaphor, then I would say it is like when you are falling in love. Do you need a manual?! No! All Love energy works just the same. That’s it!

All-Love is the way of healing with the heart. As Patrick Zeigler says,

“Our Spiritual Heart is at the core of our being and where the soul connects to our Emotional and Physical bodies. All-Love is the experience of the One Heart that connects us to the ‘All’ of creation. It is through the Divine Quickening of All-Love that we come to Love all the aspects of who we are and come into a state of re-union, not just with ourselves, but also with all of creation.”

How All Love energy works …

From a theoretical point of view you, here are some of the things that can happen:

  • The alignment between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies;
  • The alignment between the superior bodies with the physical body;
  • The anchoring of the energy of love and opening of the heart chakra;
  • The recognition and embracing of our shadow;
  • The redetermination of negative past events;
  • Spontaneous initiations;
  • The anchoring of the soul energy in our physical bodies;
  • The student’s empowerment and the awakening to self-mastery.

Attending an All Love class is a great opportunity to understand through a series of guided meditations that “life is a truly master teacher” and its inescapable teachings are just ways to help us on our self-discovery and evolution path.

Many times we feel our past repeats itself through recurrent emotions, thoughts and attitudes, even when we no longer wish to behave, think nor feel the way we sometimes do. Understanding how our past affects our daily life, influencing our thoughts, emotions and actions is the key of unlocking the better and much happier version of ourselves. It also allows us to clearly see how everything that happens around us simply reflects just like a mirror what is going on inside ourselves. When we do understand this mechanism, we are able to rebuild our reality from the only thing we actually are able change in this life: yourself.

An All Love workshop consists of o series of practical exercises and meditations that aim to bring you into alignment with your true nature while letting go of your expectations. It helps you realize that you need to start living in the present moment and allow your inherent wisdom to flow naturally. That makes you feel more confident in yourself and more capable of facing the unknown. It also awakes your intuition and a consciousness more aligned to your own truth. Once we understand this and you start working with yourself, you can see and sense a lots of new good things happening:

  • A higher understanding blossoms;
  • New interior paths open and this reflect as new opportunities in life;
  • An increasing sensibility and a subsequent spontaneous rising of answers to recurrent questions in our lives;
  • A more harmonious and peaceful way of living with more joy, lightness and confidence.

All these positive changes will be easily perceived by those around you and it will mysteriously touch their hearts causing both a positive impact on your environment and everyone around.