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Just like you, I love original and relevant content, yet from personal experience I know creating it is no simple task. It requires, passion, time, knowledge and resources. This month I’ve came across three interesting articles related to content, so I’m sharing them with you hoping you’ll find them useful. 

Some months ago I was telling you that content is not an afterthought, neither a commodity, a stand-alone project, nor a necessary evil. I was also explaining why not and how you can manage it successfully. This time, I’ve chosen to share with you three interesting articles I’ve read on content-related topics in the last two weeks. Hopefully, you’ll find them useful.

How Fitbit is using content

Fitbit bets on the power of content strategy and is looking for ways to deliver relevant, meaningful and dynamic content to people. They hope to achieve this by bringing on board a managing editor from Shape magazine and by building a network of ambassadors recognized as experts in their domain, from sleep to nutrition to fitness and yoga. Read the full story on

How people really search

Blue Nile Research study, “Psychology of the Searcher,” observed people as they searched for information online and found some significant differences between what people search for and how sites create content. This results on searchers getting less relevant answers to their queries. It seems the key to solving this problem is not quite rocket-science, yet it does involve a combination of keyword tools, real-person research when possible, and knowledge of how people search and how they move through a product funnel. Find out more about how people really search on

Tips for testing your content

Any content creator should know quite well that when paying attention to how people read, interpret, and access content, you can gain a greater understanding of how to communicate, structure, and format information. To make sure your content meets users’ needs an expectations, one can use different testing techniques. Hoa Loranger, one of Norman Nielsen Group’s expert team, reveals six great tips for testing your website’s content. Learn more about testing website content on

That would be all on content .. for now!

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