Wallor - the Romanian theft-proof smart wallet

They say the best product responds to a very specific and clear customer need. It seems to me, Wallor team has identified a real need that resonates with customers all around the globe ... protecting your pockets. It seems that in 2016 in US only 4.2 million has been stolen from contactless cards

Wallor - RFID Wallet with GPS Tracking & Anti-Theft Alarm

Recently, Romanian entrepreneur Viorel Crețu raised USD 22,000 on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter for Wallor, the new smart wallet comes with a special RFID blocking layer surrounding your wallet, protecting your cards from high-tech thieves and their mobile scanners. At the same time, the new product is equipped with GPS tracking to target old-school pick-pocketing. Thanks to the Bluetooth sensory, the wallet is connected to a smartphone app that gets triggered when the distance between the owner and his or hers wallet increases, alerting them when they are leaving it behind or helping locate a displaced one.

The built-in security features, hidden inside Wallor wallet, will get triggered the moment you or your wallet move more than a few feet away from each other. Th global-range tracking system is synchronized with the Wallor App, enabling you to see the exact location of your Wallor wallet from another continent, in real time. The Wallor App, that serves as a bridge between the wallet and your smartphone, allows storing of all of your membership, business and loyalty cards. Find the right one in less than 2 seconds. The battery lasts for minimum 2 months with one charge and has a lifespan of 500 weeks. 

he new wallet competes with names such as Walli, Woolet, and Ekster on the technology side and Bellroy on the luxury aspect. 

“We want to position ourselves on the men’s luxury segment, offering products that can be compared with those of the big brands. Wallor will also create men’s accessories for daily use,” 

Viorel Crețu told start-up.ro. Three wallet designs are currently on the table, and another eight are being drafted. According to Start-ups.ro, the company targets 40,000 clients by the end of 2017, and plans to close partnerships with at least 500 retailers worldwide and set up an affiliated system of 1,000 people by the end of the year.

wallor smart wallet

All  these high-tech features didn't compromise the style. Handcrafted from the highest quality leather, resistant to scratches, Wallor is the first luxury wallet made of two interchangeable modules. The company tested more than 50 types of leather before choosing which one to use. There's a nice range of colors you can choose from and combine

  • Wallor Card holder (vertical and horizontal) — A smart, ultra-slim module with two side pockets and the interior part. Hidden inside is a sensitive Bluetooth locator with the alarm system and the global-range satellite tracking system, synchronized with our free Wallor App. 
  • Wallor Cash holder — All the currency sizes can fit in this slim wallet equipped with a discreet coin pocket. An innovative connector, the true novelty, enables simple switch of Cash holders to fit your every style.
  • Wood wireless charge — Although you can charge the battery with any regular wireless chargers available on the market, you can use Wallor's exquisite wood crafted wireless charger.

Preorder Wallor available now ...

Lots of pictures and videos are available for you to see on Wallor Kickstarter project and if you have questions, Wallor team will get back to your quickly.  

You can preorder Wallor now, but you can also keep an eye and help out by contributing to the their March 2017 new Kickstarter campaign. The first deliveries should happen in April 2017, so you won't have to wait too long! :-)


My conclusion 

I've done some research for writing this article and I came across few other interesting smart wallets... Cashew, Eckster, Spacewallet, Spendwallet, Wocket, Woolet and few others. All of them have one or more differentiating qualities, so there's a smart wallet choice for everyone, depending each one's needs. As far as Wallor is concerned, I believe this is designed to protect your money while responding to your preference of using a nice and elegant leather wallet.