Content quality matters

Most probably you already now that content quality matters and Google is making sure of it. 

In a recent post published by Econsultancy, Jack Simpson, citing a new report on how Google is increasingly valuing ‘quality content’ when it comes to search rankings. This is old news, some might say, yet as Simpson underlines this shows a clear signal for marketers

"the days of trying to ‘game the system’ are pretty much over, and now it’s about putting time and effort into creating content that is genuinely valuable."

Google is changing the way it determines content quality and all those who one way or the other have a publisher's role, must pay attention.  The amount of time spent on a page impacts search ranking, so keeping the reader engaged has to become a priority. 

For more details on how you can achieve ‘quality content’ on your site, based on some of the key findings of the study, please read Simpson's How Google defines 'quality content.  


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I'm a believer in good content quality and across the years I've preached to clients, friends interested in digital and anyone who asked for an advice. Consequently, since launching the website I've tried to share various stories and case studies around content's role and its quality's importance. I hope you'll find the useful: