I’ve started my career as a copywriter back in 1999, working for Vision Advertising.  It’s there where I learned the first tricks of the trade thanks to two great talented creative guys, Stefan Ferenzci and Calin Georgescu. One year later I took a chance on exploring an unknown territory, by joining OgilvyInteractive, the first interactive agency in Romania, part of a global group. Gradually I took over other roles such as information architect and content strategist.

In 2001 I made another surprising shift and left the agency to join Zapp, the first CDMA telecom operator in Europe. I din not know then that I would be spending the next ten years on the client side, developing eBusiness departments from scratch and adding value to services for some of the most agile clients in telecom, banking (ING Bank), media (KanalD) and e-commerce (Altex & MediaGalaxy) industries.

For some of you reading this is no secret that in 2011 I accepted an offer impossible to say no to. How could I have said no to three really smart, good-looking and innovative guys I admired and worked with for years? Therefore there I was once again on agency side, teaming up and dreaming with the amazing people at Grapefruit, the most internationally awarded digital product development and branding agency in Romania. 

April 2014 marked the beginning of another incredible chapter of my life. I've joined R/GA  as the first General Manager of Bucharest office. It was the Agency I had been admiring since the '90 for its surprising and innovative work. It's common knowledge for those familiar with the agency world that throughout its history R/GA has reinvented itself every nine years, so for a while it had been amazing to get to know its secrets and some really amazing people.

"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." (Forrest Gump)

In October 2016 I've made another change—surprising for some, expected for others, and decided to start my own entrepreneurial adventure of growing and scaling Chakana.me & Chakana.ro, a personal transformation project aiming to help people heal and live to their fullest potential. 

In October 2018 I've started my own digital consultancy company called Business Booster. You can check my latest project, if you visit Discovery channel's project petsofchampions.com. I call it a big love project as it bring together few things I'm passionate about: content development, information architecture, pets & working with open-minded people.   



It would be impossible to summarise in two sentences how my life changed because of the chances I took and the amazing people I met or the things they taught me.  I do hope one day I will have the time to write about them as they deserve some credit for who I am today.